Inkomazi and Tropical fruit smoothie

So I’m back at it, fiddling with different things and trying to see what they’ll turn out as. I always tell anyone I’m teaching to cook that all recipes started off as mistakes. One should play around in the kitchen, take things you enjoy, mix them with other things you enjoy and suddenly you have an awesome recipe. Smoothies are basically created with the same mentality. There is nothing daunting about them actually, just make sure your flavours balance each other out and there isn’t anything that overwhelms the other flavours.

I have a Kenwood Titanium, it is the pinnacle in kitchen gadgets and it came with a heavy duty smoothie blender. All blenders are basically the same except for the power and strength of the blade. Test out your machine’s strength first before attempting to blend ice.

This smoothie is a blend of various summer fruits, yoghurt and Inkomazi (clotted sour milk similar to buttermilk, we also refer to it as “maas” or “amasi”). Inkomazi has a distinct sharp taste to it, so as not to overwhelm the rest of the flavours in the smoothie I added yoghurt and a handful of ice cubes. The honey is to add a little more sweetness to the smoothie but you can leave it out if you like. You can also add a scoop of protein supplement powder to add a bit more nutritional value to your smoothie.

This is the first of a series of smoothie recipes I’ll be creating over the next few days


  • Inkomazi – 200ml

  • Plain Bulgarian yoghurt – 400g

  • Ice cubes – 5 or 6 standard blocks

  • Milk – 125ml

  • Yellow Mango (medium size, peeled and cut into cubes) – 1

  • Papaya (de-seeded and peeled) – 1/2

  • Peaches – 2

  • Pineapple (peeled and cubed) – 1 handful

  • Oats (uncooked) – 1 tablespoon

  • Honey – 1 tablespoon

  • Method

1. There isn’t that much to it really. Just begin by blending the ice cubes first before placing all your fruits in the machine along with the liquids. Blend. Enjoy.

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