Black Label Beef and Bacon Carbonnade

A Carbonnade is a type of Flemish beer and beef stew. The Belgians love fries (or frites as they call them) and traditionally they eat carbonnade served alongside a good helping of thin fries. You can do as you wish, food is a dynamic thing, this is a recipe for my twist on the age old carbonnade.

I’ve used my favourite South African beer which is lightly sweeter than you average European beer but to be honest it probably works much better with a lager or pilsener. As I said above, you can play around and put a twist on it like I have done.


  • 400g Lean beef strips or steaks

  • 50g Streaky Bacon, cut into bits

  • 25g Flour

  • 25g Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • 200g Onions, thinly sliced

  • 250ml Black Label beer

  • 25g Tomato Puree

  • 500ml Beef Stock

  • Salt and Pepper


  1. If your beef isn’t cut into slices/strips yet then do so

  2. Place the beef in a bowl with the flour and coat well.

  3. Cut the bacon into very small bits

  4. Heat a pot and add the olive oil. Once hot add the bacon bits.

  5. Saute the bacon until crispy and then add the coated beef strips. Fry the meat off until well browned.

  6. In a separate pan fry the onions off in some butter until browned. Add to the meat and place everything in a casserole dish.

  7. Add the beer, tomato paste and enough stock to cover the meat.

  8. Cover the casserole with its lid or foil and allow to simmer in the oven at 200 degrees until the meat is tender.

  9. Check the seasoning and add freshly chopped herbs and spices if you like.

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